Does your teenage child say, “You never understand me”?


You are not the only parent with this problem. This a common problem these days. The conflicts between parents and teenage children are obvious. Parents need to understand their teenage children. They need to understand that their kids are becoming adults and the drastic changes takes place in the child’s body and health. The teenage […]

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: That Is What Your Family Needs


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Laura Groves of Outnumbered Mom. Sometimes there’s shouting. Then doors slam. The music blares. Conflict in a family with teens can escalate into quite the crisis, infecting the entire household. A family without conflict? I don’t think there is such an animal, regardless of the rosy picture some […]

Help For Single Parents With Teenagers


Are you a newly single parent who is worried about navigating the teenage years alone? Perhaps you’ve been a single parent for a while, but are intimidated about the years that come ahead? Raising teenagers is not easy especially as a single parent, but it is very rewarding. Many single parents struggle with finding a […]

Helping Teenagers Deal With Divorce


Are you worried that your teenager is not coping with the stress of parental separation? Do you want to provide your teenager with additional support through this challenging time? Helping teenagers deal with divorce is a really important aspect of separation that many parents overlook. Often parents themselves are so torn and upset with the […]

My 6 Year Old Lies – What Do I Do?


Are you one of those moms who worries about the fact that ‘my 6 year old lies, what will I do now?’ If the answer is yes, you should know that your child has developed a habit of lying, and it is not so easy to get rid of. Lying evolves in children as a […]

Motivating Your Child – Simple Steps


Is your child seriously lacking motivation? How do you find out if your kid is not motivated towards his duties? Well, an easy way to find out is to ask your kid to do something, and see the interest and dedication that he puts in the task. A lot of kids become unmotivated at times, […]

Motivating Teenagers to Study


When a kid enters teenage, the whole perspective of their life begins to change. Problems evolve and become much more difficult to handle, ‘needs and wants’ change and a completely new dimension to life opens up. The pressure of academics begins to increase, and a lot of children find it much more difficult to focus […]

Development of a Seven Year Old Boy


The parents of a seven year old boy are often faced by a number of different problems, the most common of which are behavioral issues. This is because children at this age are usually learning to become independent, and hence, often end up making the wrong decisions. Those who are suffering from medical conditions such as ADHD […]