Is it possible for the child to reunite with the estranged father?


Adam, a 40 years old professional, had been divorced with his wife since the last ten years. Adam and his wife had two teenage kids; the daughter’s name was Lucy and the son was Larry. Both the kids stayed with their mother as she had got the custody of Lucy and Larry. As the father […]

Facebook Teenagers Unliking the Social Platform. Find out why?


Facebook has more than 1 billion users across the globe. In order to make money, Facebook is targeting users of the age between 18 and 49 years. May be because this age group is comprised of cream clients for the social networking site and hence, the advertisers leverage this facebook impact on teenagers and other […]

Organizations That Help Teenagers


Being a teenager isn’t easy – even at the best of times – so many parents find it helpful seeking out organizations that help teenagers. If you’re worried about your teen or just want to organize a little extra support for your teen then going through an organization might a good idea. These organizations have […]

Great Gift Ideas for the High School Graduate


It can be a scary time for parents when their children are getting ready to graduate for high school. Both the parents are nervous about the future, but also excited about all the possibilities. To commemorate this time of life it has become customary for parents to get their teenager a gift. Parents usually want […]

How can a divorce affect my teenage child? How can I help to cope?

How can a divorce affect my teenage child? How can I help to cope?

Teen and Divorce – So you too are concerned about a prime source of your children’s unhappiness? Studies show that if the parents are unhappy, the children get unhappy too. Parental divorce can be painful for the parents as well as teenage children. Divorce can have a drastic change in a child’s life. Absence of […]

Step Families With Teens and Parenting


Are you worried about merging two families together? Are you unsure whether the teens will be able to readjust to a step family lifestyle? Any changes within the family unit can be hard, especially if they come at such a confusing and challenging time. It’s important that when merging families together, the parents give as […]

Internet Risks for Teenagers and Online Predation


Are you worried about the Internet risks for your teenager? Wondering how you can make sure your teen is safe from a lot of the scams or predators online? The best way to ensure your teen is safe online is to be really open to them about what risks they might find online. Many teenagers […]

6 Fun Activities Your Teen Will Love Doing With You


As a parent, you want time to bond with your children, no matter how old you are. Unfortunately, when your son or daughter reaches their teen years, finding time to bond becomes more difficult and choosing activities that your teen actually wants to do with you may be even more difficult. If you are tired […]