How to Motivate Your Teen


Motivated teens are a powerful addition to their family, as well as their community. When your teen is motivated, their behavioral will reflect their motivation. They will have a desire to succeed at home, at school, at work, and as a part of a larger community, as well. Not only does their behavior improve, but […]

Potential Ways to Decrease Insurance Premiums with a Teen Driver

A8_June_PTM_car insurance

Having a new teenage driver in the house is nerve-wracking and very expensive. In addition to the purchase of a car, gas, registration, and inspections, parents need to worry about the new monthly expense of car insurance. While car insurance is necessary, it is very expensive to insure a teen driver. Insurance expenses can easily […]

Teaching Your Teen Financial Responsibility

A2_June_Teaching Your Teen Financial Responsibility

One of the biggest favors that you can do your teenager as a parent is to teach the importance of financial responsibility from an early age. Many young adults graduate college with no savings account, lots of credit card debt, and upwards of $100,000’s in student loans or more. While borrowing money for school may […]

Teens and Family Finances…Much is TMI


The economy is one of, if not the number one, concern of people across our nation. Unemployment figures are staggering and downright scary, college students are graduating without jobs to go to and student loans to repay, the cost of everything from gas to gum is higher than it has ever been (and in many […]

Teens and Money Management: Tips for teaching money management to teenagers


Whether you give small allowances to your child or give credit cards and bank accounts to teens, they should learn money management. Especially Teens and money management by them should be of great concern to parents. Teaching money management to teenagers in particular is very important. If you have a preschool kid, then you don’t […]

Young Entrepreneurs


Have you ever thought of running your own business? If you have you probably didn’t think it possible until you finish school or college. Well you don’t need to finish school to start your own business, nor do you need to finish college. You can have a part time business that you can manage in […]

Consumer Tips for Teens


Believe it or not probably the biggest consumer body is made of teenagers. That’s why this is called consumer tips for teens, because as the largest consumer body you are most likely to be a victim of a scam or breach of rights due to little or no knowledge of your legal rights. So you […]