Is Your Teen Responsible Enough For A Summer Job?


Most teens are excited about getting their very first job. That job usually gives them a sense of adulthood and responsibility. Although you will only be just considering letting them work for a season, you want to make sure that you are making a good decision. It is obvious that if your teen is not […]

Summer Job Options For Your Teen


Some teens will find that all they want to do during the long summer months are lay in bed, text, and play their electronic games. For others, summertime is filled with school, as they work hard to catch up on subjects they missed or work to get ahead. For still other teens, summer is the […]

Top 5 Volunteer Opportunities for Your Teen


When you mention the word “volunteer” to your teenager, your suggestion may be met with moans of resistance. However, volunteering is a very worthy and valuable way for your teen to fill his or her free time. The key to convincing your teenager that volunteering is a good idea is to find a volunteer opportunity […]

5 Fun Summer Bonding Activities You Can Do With Your Teen

A9_June_PTM_parent and teen

As the school year winds down, the warm weather returns, and the days get longer. Parents know that it is only a matter of time before they hear the words, “I’m bored!” coming from their teenage child’s mouth. Though many teens are old enough to get a summer job or entertain themselves for some time, […]

Summer Jobs for Teens


Summer is here, and I know most of the kids are looking for a summer job, some because they want it and some because they need it. Whatever the case is this article may help you understand a few things about getting a job and working during the summer and how to find a good […]