Gaining Respect From Your Teen

teen respect

Many parents struggle to receive respect from their teenage children. Parents often complain about their children ignoring them, not listening, or pretending to listen and then not following through with what is asked or requested of them. Parenting experts concede that these types of actions, which are so common of teens, are conditioned responses to […]

Balancing Love & Discipline with your Teen

balancing love and discipline

These days, it seems that children, and especially teenagers, are growing up too fast. The early teen years are an express route to a world of adult decisions and responsibilities, which often results in teens who are undisciplined and out of control. Though some of this can be blamed on the culture and world that […]

Making Changes with Your Teen


As a parent, you might feel as though all of your time, effort, and money are spent in order to provide your teen with what they need and want. It is not uncommon for parents to provide money, transportation, privileges, and activities for their children, in addition to the required food, clothing, and shelter. Going […]

5 Solutions to Getting Help for Troubled Teens


Being a parent can be equally difficult and rewarding. One of the difficult parts is that you know you can’t watch your children every moment, and that, inevitably, they’re going to get hurt or upset in a way you can’t immediately understand. When teenagers act up, it can be especially heartbreaking, because you can see […]

How to Respond to Your Defiant Teen


No matter how happy their upbringing was, and no matter how “cool” of a parent you believe yourself to be, there will come a time when you and your teen will bump heads. How are you supposed to control your teenager without stressing yourself out?  The idea is to learn how to respond to their […]

Signs It’s Time to Get Help for Your Troubled Teens


Whether as a parent or a peer, you will see teenagers go through a variety of problems.  While frustrating, many of these problems are generally benign. Feelings of awkwardness, questions of personal identity, and having no idea how to talk to talk to the opposite sex are common and occur with everyone.  When some teenagers […]

Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!: Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind


Book Author: Michael J. Bradley Book Author’s Bio: Michael J. Bradley earned his doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Temple University. He has spent his professional life working with children and adolescents, as well as their families. Dr. Bradley is considered to be an expert on adolescent behavior and development. His advice is sought after […]

Parenting with Love and Logic


Book Author: Foster Cline Book Author’s Bio: Dr. Cline is a well-known author who has published eight books on the subjects of parenting and interpersonal relationships. His Love and Logic series empowers parents of children of all ages, from birth to the teenage years and beyond. In addition to writing, Dr. Cline routinely presents workshops […]