Individual Education Plan (IEP) for Dyslexic Children & Teenagers


Does your child suffer from learning difficulties associated with their dyslexia? Are you wondering what the best approach to ensuring your teen gets a good education? An individual education plan (IEP) dyslexia can be a really beneficial way to help get your teen up to speed. Teens with dyslexia have their own unique challenges that […]

Motivating Your Child – Simple Steps


Is your child seriously lacking motivation? How do you find out if your kid is not motivated towards his duties? Well, an easy way to find out is to ask your kid to do something, and see the interest and dedication that he puts in the task. A lot of kids become unmotivated at times, […]

Motivating Teenagers to Study


When a kid enters teenage, the whole perspective of their life begins to change. Problems evolve and become much more difficult to handle, ‘needs and wants’ change and a completely new dimension to life opens up. The pressure of academics begins to increase, and a lot of children find it much more difficult to focus […]

Teen Learning Disability Facts and Statistics


Teen learning disability special program costs around $10,000 year, while criminal facilitation costs around $30,000 a year, and half of convicted criminals have a form of learning disability.

Types of Learning Disability


There are various types of learning disabilities with teenagers. learn how to recognize them in order to help your teen child and get him through his studies with success.

Planning With IEP – Individual Education Plan


If you have a teen with learning disability you obviously need to have a plan and course of action that will help your teen, that is what IEP is for. Using Individual Education Plan can greatly help your teen.

Dyslexia, Problem of the Most Gifted Kids


Dyslexia is a problem many kids have to deal with; it is a problem where kids have a hard time reading and spelling. The fact is that some of the most intelligent and gifted kids have to deal problem. Dyslexia doesn’t choose, it can be a problem for anyone at any age, but it can […]

Sad Truth about Teens with Learning Disability


Learning disabilities are a big problem for our youth and not just for them, but also for the entire nation and our economy. Over 10 million teens have some form of learning disability, which is something that can develop into a bigger problem if not solved early. Plus, a learning disability does not only affects a teenager and his grades at school; it can also lead to an increasing number of substance abuse, criminal behavior, joblessness and several other society issues. In the end that costs money all of us, but we need to give money in order to save money and to help those children. An average education cost per year for a child with learning disability is $10,000. That is much smaller than what an adult with learning disability costs the state.