Free Application for Federal Student Aid – The FAFSA


What Parents Need to Know As a parent, one of the greatest concerns you have for your teenagers is that of their future. You want them to be able to realize their dreams, live up to their potential and be self-sufficient (YES!), socially adept and loving, happy adults. But what will the price tag be […]

Great Gift Ideas for the High School Graduate


It can be a scary time for parents when their children are getting ready to graduate for high school. Both the parents are nervous about the future, but also excited about all the possibilities. To commemorate this time of life it has become customary for parents to get their teenager a gift. Parents usually want […]

Individual Education Plan (IEP) for Dyslexic Children & Teenagers


Does your child suffer from learning difficulties associated with their dyslexia? Are you wondering what the best approach to ensuring your teen gets a good education? An individual education plan (IEP) dyslexia can be a really beneficial way to help get your teen up to speed. Teens with dyslexia have their own unique challenges that […]

Education Grades of Teenagers


Are you worried about your teenager’s grades? Do you want advice on how to motivate your teenager to achieve better grades? Are you unsure how much pressure and encouragement you should be placing on your teen to encourage their academic success? Many parents worry about their teenagers and grades, after all if their teen does […]

Motivating Your Child – Simple Steps


Is your child seriously lacking motivation? How do you find out if your kid is not motivated towards his duties? Well, an easy way to find out is to ask your kid to do something, and see the interest and dedication that he puts in the task. A lot of kids become unmotivated at times, […]

Motivating Teenagers to Study


When a kid enters teenage, the whole perspective of their life begins to change. Problems evolve and become much more difficult to handle, ‘needs and wants’ change and a completely new dimension to life opens up. The pressure of academics begins to increase, and a lot of children find it much more difficult to focus […]

Drugs in Schools: Fast Facts


The availability of drugs at schools has increased over the last ten years although the overall use of illicit drugs has declined. Yet too many teenagers are still abusing drugs. In the National Institute on Drug Abuse 2005 Monitoring the Future survey researchers found that 50% of high school seniors report some use of an […]

Usual Teen Boarding School Boarding Fees


You and your child’s health professional have come to the conclusion that teen boarding school is the best path toward improvement for your son or daughter. Your next question is likely to regard boarding school boarding fees: How much is this going to cost, and is there any financial aid available for a teen boarding […]