Overcoming Teen Depression


There is a huge difference in a teenager who is a bit moody and isolated from the family and a teenager that is depressed. Teenage depression is a serious matter that can impact the entire life of a teenager. Untreated depression in teens can lead to the use of drugs and alcohol, self inflicted harm, […]

What Are Teen Boot Camps?


Teen boot camps are institutions that deal with helping troubled teenagers get over their problems. Without the help of these institutions, many teenagers would have been lost to their problems. The programs of boot camps have saved more lives than can be counted and they helped countless teens to regain their lives. The most common […]

ADD and Depression in Teenagers – Signs, Diagnosis & Treatment


Are you worried that your teen is suffering from depression? Do you want to know more about the link between ADD and depression in teens? ADD and depression often come linked together and can cause great deals of confusion, pain and stress for teenagers and their families. Dealing with ADD and depression can be quite […]

5 Steps for Teens to Fight Depression


Teens are emotional and it is not uncommon for them to have depression issues. In fact there is a lot to learn about teen depression and how to deal with it. A simple fact is that depression doesn’t go away on its own, but it is also not hard to fight depression if you act […]

Teen Depression, Is There Someone to Blame?


Teen depression sounds silly to some, people go around saying thins like what a teenager has to be depressed about and make things even worse. The truth is that teenagers get depressed like everyone else, that is normal, but in some cases that goes over regular sadness and goes into real depression. When that happens teenagers can be in real trouble, and don’t try to compare that with emo teens, that is a totally different thing. Teen depression is a very serious issue for the simple reason; teenagers don’t know how to deal with those feelings, at that time they need help. But how to recognize a normal two day depressed state of your child because of some passing thing and a real depression? Once you do, there are things you can do about it, things that will help your child, but is there a way to avoid teen depression and is there anyone to blame for teen depression?

High School and it’s Variables


It is amazing how fast things can change; how pure innocence can turn to arrogance and adventuresome. It seems up until your first year in high school, you feel safe from anything. You are preoccupied with life as how you knew it from the start, when in school you’re intrigued to hear rumors in junior […]

Suicide help-lines


Suicide is one of the most complicated situations that a person can experience, either directly or indirectly. Having to deal with problems and issues either your own or someone else that you care about can be too much too handle. Oftentimes, help is needed in order to help someone who is having suicidal thoughts or […]

The emo fad and self-injury


Self-injury can start early in life, research suggests that early onset self-injury is common around the age of 7, although it can begin earlier. Most often, however, self-injury behaviors begin in middle adolescence between the ages of 12 and 15. This is also the time when adolescent mids are open to suggestion from outside sources […]