Aggressive Teenagers and Causes of Teenage Aggression


Are you worried about your teen’s aggression? Are you concerned that your teen is going to seriously hurt someone, someday? Dealing with an aggressive teen behavior is not easy and it can be hard to trace back the original causes of aggressive behavior in teens. Many parents find themselves asking what causes teen aggression while […]

ADD and Depression in Teenagers – Signs, Diagnosis & Treatment


Are you worried that your teen is suffering from depression? Do you want to know more about the link between ADD and depression in teens? ADD and depression often come linked together and can cause great deals of confusion, pain and stress for teenagers and their families. Dealing with ADD and depression can be quite […]

Impulsive Behavior Disorder in Teens and Ways to Deal with it


Is your teen someone that tends to take action impulsively, without considering the consequences? Does your teen find that their hasty decisions wind up getting them in trouble, but continue to make them anyway? Dealing with impulsive behavior disorder can be quite challenging, especially because teenagers by nature are quite impulsive. It can be difficult […]

Quick Tips on teenage child behavior disorders for parents’ help


It is normal for kids to misbehave; but child behavior disorders cannot be overlooked. Child behavior disorders can go beyond mischiefs and rebellion. If your child is oppositional or angry often, there are chances that he / she suffers from child behavior disorder. The young children can have mental, emotional or behavior disorders. One of […]

Individual Education Plan (IEP) for Dyslexic Children & Teenagers


Does your child suffer from learning difficulties associated with their dyslexia? Are you wondering what the best approach to ensuring your teen gets a good education? An individual education plan (IEP) dyslexia can be a really beneficial way to help get your teen up to speed. Teens with dyslexia have their own unique challenges that […]

How can I help my teenage child who suffers from bipolar disorders?


Thousands of young children suffer from bipolar disorders which is also known as maniac depression. There can be several symptoms and they vary from child to child. Bipolar disorders causes mood swings in children. If your child is irritable or extremely happy almost every day, there can be a possibility of maniac depression. It can […]

Lie Upon Lie: How to Identify and Help a Compulsive Liar


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Kathrine Kreger of Drug Addiction Retreat. Bending the truth a bit is something that just about everyone has done at one time or another. For compulsive liars, however, it is a way of life. These people routinely tell everyone they encounter falsehoods, and sometimes they do so […]

Symptoms of Attachment Disorder in Teenagers


Are you worried that your teen is suffering from attachment disorder? Do you want to know more about the symptoms of attachment disorder in teenagers so you can figure out how to best deal with your teen? Many parents find parenting teenagers hard – as your children grow and seek independence there are a number […]