How can I help my teenage child who suffers from bipolar disorders?


Thousands of young children suffer from bipolar disorders which is also known as maniac depression. There can be several symptoms and they vary from child to child. Bipolar disorders causes mood swings in children. If your child is irritable or extremely happy almost every day, there can be a possibility of maniac depression. It can […]

Bipolar Financial Assistance


Are you worried about how you’re going to finance bipolar medication? Perhaps you’re concerned about how much a bipolar diagnosis is going to affect your family. It can be a stressful time when you find out you or a family member has bipolar disorder, it brings up a number of questions. The last thing you […]

Dealing With Teen Bipolar Disorder


All of us that have teenage children have seen some mood changes, but usually that is just typical and normal teenage behavior. But if those mood swings are excessive and tend to go from bad to worse your child might be suffering from bipolar disorder. Teens with bipolar disorder can go from up to down […]

What Will Really Help in Bipolar Disorder?


Your child has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and now you are wondering what treatment options are available, and which ones are best for your child. The good news is that there are a number of effective treatment methods available, the difficult part is determining what type of bipolar help will work best for your […]

Finding a Free Bipolar Organization and The Much Needed Help


There are many bipolar organizations dedicated to helping those suffering from the disease and their families which offer resources and their services at little or no charge. Perhaps the greatest difficulty when searching for the right bipolar organizations is finding one that not only offers free services, but won’t leave you with bad quality based […]

Why advice of a Bipolar Counselor is Crucial?


While every case is different, just as every child is an individual, one of the keys to a successful visit with a bipolar counselor is to work with a therapist that understands the uniqueness of your child’s problem. It is important that they tailor a program according to your child’s special needs. However, there are […]

Is There Bipolar Recovery?


When thinking of bipolar recovery there are things that, as a parent, you must be aware of. The sad truth is you can not get your hopes up on the complete recovery of your child’s condition since, despite best efforts, nothing has seemed to work. Before getting too discouraged, know that there are thousands of […]

Teenage Bipolar Disorder is on the Rise – Stats Show its a No Myth


While researchers have not been able to point out a definitive why, it is clear that depression and teenage bipolar disorder is rising at a rapid rate. According to the Centers for Disease Control depression and related depressive disorders like teenage bipolar disorder strikes as many as 8.3% of teens in the United States, and […]