Tips For Talking About Tragedy With Your Teens


Talking about a tragedy with your teenaged children can be one of the toughest tasks that you might have ever faced. The tragedies can range from bereavement of a family member or someone in the neighborhood, the death of a pet, or a disaster at local or national level. Whatever the news, our teenagers hear […]

Summer Job Options For Your Teen


Some teens will find that all they want to do during the long summer months are lay in bed, text, and play their electronic games. For others, summertime is filled with school, as they work hard to catch up on subjects they missed or work to get ahead. For still other teens, summer is the […]

5 Constructive Ways to Help Your Teen Deal with Stress


Teenagers go through a lot in their everyday lives. As adults, it can be easy to overlook their daily struggles, as often adults struggle with “bigger” problems on a daily basis. In schools today, there is a significant amount of bullying and peer pressure that could lead your teen down the wrong path. Parents should […]

Opening Lines of Communication with Your Teen


Does it seem like the closer your child got to adolescence, the harder it became to communicate with them? It seems that once kids reach the age of 14 and older, they build some form of agreement to stop speaking with their parents. A lot of parents make the assumption that this is all completely […]

Teaching Your Teen To Do The Right Thing


There is no simple way to raise a teenager appropriately. In fact, in order to do so, parents need a lot of patience, time, and determination on their side. As your teen begins to earn more freedom and develop their own sense of self, it will become extremely important that you instill in them the […]

Helping Your Teen Overcome Fear


Teenage years are likely the hardest years for children growing up. They have moved out of their “childish” ways and now have to deal with an entirely different set of anxieties and fears. For most teenagers, the fear of failure or not being socially accepted can weigh heavily on their minds. If not careful, fear […]

Helping Your Teen Accept & Embrace A Step-Parent


Moving on after a divorce or break-up can be hard on your teenager. The family dynamic that they’ve known for years is now changed, and there is nothing that they can do about it. This can be very stressful for them to deal with, and in most cases, teens are known to shut down. Once […]

Cell Phone Usage Guidelines For Your Teens


There can be great benefits to allowing your teen to use a cell phone. However, if you’re a parent who has heard the horror stories about inappropriate cell phone use, you might be a bit hesitant. There are ways in which parents can set standards for cell phone usage and still allow their teens the […]