Caffeine addiction

Oftentimes, we associate the phrase substance abuse with addiction to illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin and maybe alcohol and tobacco. These substances are known to cause many health, social and financial problems. But there are other substances that can be, and are addicting and can be abused.

Caffeine and sugar that are found on energy drinks are two of the most readily available substances that often find itself into the hands of consumers, specially teens. Although these substances are legal and are accepted as regular foodstuff, they can be abused and in some cases, can have effects that are comparable to other illegal drugs specially in higher doses that are present on the most popular energy drinks.

Addiction or maybe dependence to these “innocent performance enhancers” are a very real problem that teens can encounter eventually. The reason for this is the nature of the product and the desired effect of the consumers. It boosts energy and gives anyone who drinks it a kind of high that can be very addicting. But this boost in energy and “high” does not come without a price, teens who have developed a physical dependence on energy drinks experience a crash when the caffeine and sugar wears off, thus prompting them to drink more of it, Which is what addiction basically is.

Lack or difficulty in sleeping, irritability and nervousness are some of the most common side effects of taking too much caffeine.


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