Boot Camp vs. Boarding School

Deciding whether your child needs the assistance of a boot camp or boarding school treatment can be difficult. There are several things that both programs offer a teenager with or without problem behavior. Before you are completely able to make the best decision for your child or teen you must first understand the differences of a boot camp and boarding school treatment facility.

Boot Camp – Typically runs $2,000-$10,000 per month

When looking into a boot camp you should understand that the programs offered are well structured offering your child the best training in behavior management, self control, and self discipline. Designed mainly for children or teens out of control, the programs are similar to those found in the boot camp training for the military. Requirements for boot camp are much different than a boarding school treatment facility. These are the basic guidelines to enrolling your child in boot camp.

  1. Children or teens on any medications will not be accepted into the program. All treatment is done on a psychological level that must happen when making you behave without the assistance of humbling drugs.
  2. Children involved in legal matters will be accepted as long as the legal matter was or is not a homicidal or attempted homicidal event. The truth of the matter is that a boot camp is the best place for a teen that has been involved with the law. Not exactly a prison but a wonderful rehabilitating facility, the boot camp has been developed to readjust the behaviors of “out of control” teens.
  3. Children or teens that have suicidal thoughts, severe depression or other deep mental issues should not be admitted into a boot camp. Behaviors such as these need regular counseling, possible medications, and support rather than behavior management control.

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Boarding School Treatment – Typically run $3,000-$20,000 per month

Boarding school treatment centers have been designed to offer your child support, skills, and advice to overcome issues that have made their decisions less than appropriate. Some children must attend a boarding school treatment program when dealing with mental and physical challenges such as autism, bipolar disorder, learning disorders, or even blindness or deafness. The bottom line at a boarding school treatment center is helping a child conquer their greatest obstacles by meeting their special needs. There are some basic guidelines to making the final decision on enrolling your child in a boarding school treatment center.

  1. Children or teens with a diagnosed behavior disorder, learning disorder, or mental illness would be the perfect candidate for a boarding school treatment program. Getting their medications and learning tools to achieving victory with their condition will set the stage for a wonderfully successful life.
  2. Violent teens or children should be admitted to most boarding school treatment facilities. Many children with disorders are not equipped to defend themselves against violence and could get severely hurt in the case of a scuffle.
  3. Teens who have or are involved in any criminal activity such as stealing, murder or some other minor offenses are typically not accepted into a boarding school treatment facility. Since the programs are generally designed to teach good kids with bad behavior they are not equipped to handle any legal situations arising with convicted teens.

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