Books on Behavior Management Education for Teens

Being a parent to a teenager is not easy. Teenage is a challenging phase for adolescents because they go through a stage of physiological, psychological and social change. A parent has to summon all the patience and skills that they may have to deal with the challenges that a growing teenager faces and behavior management education can be a key component to aid in tackling the issues. The fact that the parents themselves have been through this stage does not help because perspectives change over time resulting in what we know as the ‘generation gap’.

How does a parent deal with the problems that a teenager faces and how can they help their teens in the best possible way? Being intrusive does not help since the teenager sees this as interference and it does not bode well with them given that they are going through a stage in life where they want to assert themselves and gain more independence.

One solution to bypass this issue of teenagers who do not pay heed to their parents instructions is to get hold of books that deal with the topic of self-help for teenage children that offer behavior management education. Books are one of the best friends that a person can have and since these offer solutions proposed by another person (the author in these cases), the teens are more inclined to accept suggestions. Such behavior management education books provide an opportunity for parents to help their teens while staying away from the taboo of being labeled as ‘interfering’ parents. These books help parents to be in control since the teenagers can pick titles that match their thought process. Since this option does not have a downside, most parents should give it a try.

Now, if you are convinced that books on behavior management education will work for you, you should checkout the titles that deal with behavior, teen issues and others. has many titles, available at discounted prices, which could be of interest to you.

‘Teen Love: On relationships, A Book for Teenagers’: One of the main issues that teens face today is managing relationships, especially teenage crushes and love life. Written by Kimberly Kirberger, this book is a good pick that offers ways to deal with issues that may crop in the context of the love life of teens. A new copy is available at 20% discount over the printed price of 12.95 dollars. A resale copy is available from one cent onwards.

‘The Angry Teenager Why Teens Get So Angry and How Parents Can Help Them Grow through It’: Anger management in teens is another big challenge that requires behavior management education. You can help your teen by ordering a copy of this great book, published by Nelson Books. This book offers help with characterizing anger and talks of ways of dealing with it. The used and new copies are available from 0.89 cents onwards.

‘The Unplanned Pregnancy Book for Teens and College Students’: Teenage pregnancies are on a rise and one cannot shy away from this problem. The only solution to this problem is education and what better way than gifting your teen a book that deals with this subject. ‘The Unplanned Pregnancy Book for Teens and College Students’ by Dorrie Williams is available for less than ten dollars. The book talks about different College Students programs to help teens in case of an unplanned pregnancy.

‘Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing with Drugs and Alcohol (FlipSwitch)’: Drugs and alcohol abuse is another area that requires behavior management education and needs to be taken head-on by the parent. A copy of ‘Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Drugs and Alcohol (FlipSwitch)’ written by Marcus Brotherton, available for seven dollars can help your teen realize the negatives of alcohol and drug abuse and help him work through the problem on his own with suggested tips.

‘A Real Job for You: An Employment Guide for Teens’: If your teen is worried about his future and what profession he or she should chose, get them to read ‘A Real Job for You: An Employment Guide for Teens’ written by Rose P. Lee and Cynthia Burke. The new and used titles are available from 2.82 dollars onwards.

These are many more options available on the internet. All you need to do is to realize that when you face a dead end while trying to communicate with your teen, these books can work as your surrogate voice and lead your children through the process of growing up.


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