Book Review – Sex and Sensibility: The Thinking Parent’s Guide to Talking Sense About Sex

Sex-and-Sensibility-Deborah-RoffmanDeborah Roffman teaches the readers how to communicate with their children about sex and reproduction. It is the parents’ responsibility to educate their children about these sensitive issues. Many parents are hesitant to talk about these delicate topics. This book is the right one for such parents. After reading the book, you will know how to talk to your teen about sex and cultural values. Reading this book will help you to freely share the required information with your child that you may be skipping unintentionally or avoiding deliberately to provide it right now. But don’t worry this book will assist you to deal with the issue.

This book, Sex and Sensibility is a must read for all the parents. If the parents do not provide the correct information to their child, they are likely to get the wrong information from the other sources. They might get to know half-truths. Many parents get afraid that their kids might ask them about “SEX”. This book can help you deal with such problems.

Pre-teen and teenage children must be provided with the info regarding sex. The parents should genuinely talk to their kids. In today’s modern society, if the children do not get the answers, they search on the Internet and ask their friends. The truths about sex might remain a mystery for some children. Maintain an open discussion and communication with your child.

You can discover the new ways to communicate with your child about such topics. So, friends, do not hesitate to talk about sex with your children. They must  get the necessary information at the right age. So, rather than hiding these type of information, speak to them about it. If the parents encourage the children to ask them personal questions, the parents can have a smooth and friendly relationship with their child. Be confident and talk to your kid about sex.

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