Book Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets about Money – That You Don’t Learn in School

Rich-Dad-Poor-Dad-Robert-T.-KiyosakiThis book is an excellent source of information about how to save the money. The short book is a must-read for the teens. They can learn how and why should they take care of finances. This teen-friendly book advises the children the secrets to become rich. The simple language is easy to understand for the teens.

The kids should learn about the importance of investments at an early age. You can gift your teenage child this book and help them cope up with their financial issues. I gifted it to my niece when she tuned 13. After reading the book, she understood how and where to save the hard earned money. “Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets about Money – That You Don’t Learn in School” contains lessons and advice for the teens about managing their expenses.

The book helps the teens make good choices for the finances intelligently. If your child spends a lot of money, it is important for them to realize how important the savings are. It helps you get the real education about money and finances. Young people can learn how to attain the financial security.

Author Robert T. Kiyosaki guides the children to save the money by this best selling book. He brings you to secrets of money-making. It’s an informative and educational book for the teenage children. Whether you want your child to learn the basics of financial management or savings options, this is the right book. It encourages the children to save and make money.

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