Book Review: Only You Can Save Your Kids

Only-You-Can-Michael-ReznicekThis book written by clinical psychiatrist Dr. Michael J. Reznicek is a great book for the parents who want to save their children from drugs. Parents need to keep a check on their child’s actions. Children, especially during teenage, are likely to form the habits of drugs. It can lead to several serious problems. Before it gets too late, the parents should stop their children from taking drugs.

As the name suggests, this book is meant for the parents who do not want their children to get indulged in drugs and other evils. The book contains several ways which can help parents keep the kids away from the drugs. The parents should read this book and get to know what should be done and how it should be done to save their child from drugs.

Every parent wants their child to be away from drugs as they cannot do any good to child’s health. On the contrary, drugs have adverse effects. “Only You Can Save Your Kids” is the right book for moms and dads. Drug problem is an epidemic problem which needs to be addressed. The children feel stressful and look for instant solutions. They start taking drugs at an early age. If the parents educate their children and explain them about the ill-effects of drugs, they can save their child.

Parents need to take some steps in order to prevent the children from taking drugs. Once the child gets the habit of it, it becomes very difficult to make them drug-free. If you are a parent or care taker of a pre-teen or teenage child, you must read the book and get to know how to educate your child about drugs. Once the child learns about the bad effects and consequences, he would not move towards the direction which leads to drugs intake.

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