Book Review: “Invisible Bridges for Teens: Building Relationships for the Best Things in Life”

Invisible-Bridges-John-Ullmen“Invisible Bridges for Teens: Building Relationships for the Best Things in Life” is a helpful book for the parents who find it difficult to deal with their teenage children. It teaches you how to build up a loving relationship with your teenage child. Many parents struggle to find ways to build strong relationships with your young children and teenagers.

As relationships play a major role in the family life, it is very important for each one of us to maintain the existing relationships with the family member. John Ullmen‘s book helps the parents to deal with the tough growing years of the children. The parents should keep a watch on the child’s activities and help them to make the right choices.

It is an effective story that shows how can relationships between parents and teenage children be improved. Whether you are a young teenager or a parent, this story would teach you how can the conflicts in the family be avoided.

The well crafted story can help the parents cross the bridge. If you are fed up of the conflicts and difference of opinion with your teenage child, this book can do wonders for you. You would discover the truth of how to strengthen your relationships.

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