Book Review: Defuse: A Mom’s Survival Guide for More Love, Less Anger

Defuse-A-Mom's-Karol-LaddThis is an excellent book for the parents who want to raise their children in an effective way. As there can be several problems associated with the children’s anger, you need to find out ways to tackle it. There cannot be a single solution for the kids’ anger. Defuse: A Mom’s Survival Guide for More Love, Less Anger helps you teach some practical ways to deal with your child. Consequently, your relationships with your children improve.

The author Karol Ladd has beautifully described the steps one should take to help the mothers discover the anger in children and help them combat it. When the child loses his temper, the mothers need to be patient because if both of you get angry at the same time, the family harmony would get disturbed. Once you read this book, you get an idea about how to deal with your child’s anger.

Anger is a major issue in all the families and when your child gets angry, you need a quick solution which works for your child. You want him to calm down. This book helps you with some tricks to handle your child when he gets angry. The child follows a positive approach when you try the techniques with him.

If you have a teenage child and you’re looking for ways to cope up with his angry nature, this book can work well for you. Once you follow the ways mentioned in the book, you would be able to deactivate the child’s anger and also strengthen your relationships with your child. Every parent wants a happy and peaceful relationship with the child. This book shows you the right directions to follow to build stronger bonds in the family. A loving atmosphere can be created where there is no place for anger. Karol has done a great job writing this book.

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