Bonding Time: Girly Movie Nights

Are you craving to spend bonding time with your teenage daughter/s? Then, there’s no better way to spend it than by scheduling movie nights! Movie nights, instead of shopping, wouldn’t leave your pockets empty. Nothing beats some good old fun. Just you and your girls, with a bowl of popcorn in front of the television, chit-chatting the night away, while watching your all time favorite chick flicks.

Here are some suggestions for your movie list:

Girly Movie Nights


Mean Girls
Who will ever forget this Lindsay Lohan movie? Mean Girls has accurately portrayed the social clique systems present in most of the high school environment. It also tells us how teenagers find ways to cope with it. The rise of teenage labels such as ‘The Plastics’, ‘Queen Bee’ and ‘The Burn Book’ can be attributed to the popularity gained by the film, not only in the younger market. Watch and learn how peer pressure takes it toll on teens.


Girly Movie Nights


Freaky Friday
Another Lindsay Lohan starrer together with Jamie Lee Curtis. Freaky Friday tackles how generation gap affects a teenage daughter’s parental relationship. Because of their incessant fighting and constant bickering, fate has ‘magically’ switched their bodies one freaky Friday and they have no choice but to live each other’s lives. Watch these comedic mother-daughter tandem learn the lesson of their lifetime in this surreal movie.


Girly Movie Nights


13 Going on 30
With a story similar to that of Freaky Friday, 13 Going on 30 stars Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink, the 30 year old lady who was supposed to be celebrating her 13th birthday in 1987. With the help her doll house’s magic wishing dust, Jenna’s wish to be thirty, flirty and thriving came true on her birthday. Find out how Jenna copes on missing her childhood and ponders on what she has become in the quest to be included in the ‘in clique’.

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