Boarding Schools Troubled by Recent Reports

What once started as a wonderful alternative now has boarding schools troubled over where the rumors come from? The concept of boarding schools gained prominence due to the fact that they provide a place away from whom amidst others of their age where they are required to live in a specified code of conduct. Most of these schools have a rich history and culture and have specific rules and regulations that have been put in place after a lot of deliberation about what is good for children at various stages. Such schools do not allow children to carry money, wear expensive clothes or flaunt big-ticket items and gadgets to others. They have rules about almost everything – the time a child gets up, the hours that they study, the number of hours that they play and how they spend their free time.

It is the lure of seeing your child so disciplined that makes most parents opt for boarding schools rather than let them study in a local school near by. The reason that most parents send their children to far away places for months at a stretch obviously mean that they must be absolutely sure of their decision. What parent would like to stay away from their children for such a stretch?

But you need to think a minute (or maybe more than that) before you unequivocally cast your vote in favor of a boarding school. A large number of articles relating to the negatives of a boarding school like the one at

are casting a shadow on the all-encompassing good report for boarding schools. Boarding schools have been troubled these days are troubled with the fact that the media is bringing forth certain aspects of boarding schools that were long kept under wraps. When you think about it you may actually feel that these were issues that you should have argued out in your own mind anyways.

With boarding schools housing all children in a single confined space where movement is limited, there are enough times that children are pressurized by older students to indulge in immoral activities. Incidents of bullying and ragging taking untoward ugly turns have also left many boarding schools troubled. Even teachers have not been left out of the purview in such articles that have indicated that all teachers are not moral and that some can have a lasting negative influence on the ward. Physical punishments, abusing and the like can leave many children in a boarding school troubled for years to come.

Parents should realize that the responsibility of disciplining a child resides with the parent and not with an outside entity. If the opportunity so exists, the first option should be to let the child study at a local school. If you want to give your children added exposure into extra curricular activities, better tuitions and sports, it can be done by enrolling your child in certain classes and programs. So before you decide to put your child in a boarding school troubled environment and take the risk, discuss, debate and weigh the pros and cons of each situation.

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