Boarding School Placement Guidelines

When considering the path of boarding school placement for your teen there are a few things that must be thought through. While there are many programs available to anyone, the greatest programs accept teenagers based on their critical situation. There are typically several things that all boarding schools will require before allowing your child to attend their facility.

Private or Christian Boarding School
A private or Christian boarding school will be more expensive and be much stricter with their admissions. The general idea would be for you to only choose this route if you are of the same faith as the school and wish that your child follow in your footsteps as far as religion.

  1. The child or teen must be willing to accept their faith as primary curriculum. If your teen refuses to accept a religious idea then chances are he will not fit into the system therefore would receive little benefit.
  2. The child or teen must know that violence will not be accepted leading to a complete dismissal.
  3. Each facility will require you to fill out an application which lists their boarding school placement guidelines. Since they each focus on their own areas it will be clear to you whether or not your child belongs in their program.

Public Boarding School
A public boarding school will be less about religion or morals and more about simple behavior modification. While still pricey, this would be your cheapest option and most likely payable by your health insurance company.

  1. The child or teen must meet their criteria for each program. Some schools may accept children with learning disorder, emotional disorders, or behavior disorders, while others may only accept children unable to behave due to choice.
  2. Most public boarding schools will not take an uncontrollably violent child capable of severely injuring themselves or others. To find a program more suitable for these behaviors check out boot camps at
  3. As with private schools you will still be required to fill out an application. Since public boarding schools are generally more equipped to handle a wider range of behavior issues your chances of getting your teen through boarding school placement guidelines will be much better.


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