Boarding School for Kid Problem – Is it One Step Too Far?

With the prevalence of the speciality kid problem boarding school, now widely available, and widely promoted, it is very tempting for parents of troubled teens to send away their problem child and let somebody else deal with their problems. After all, we are told that the child will have the opportunity to re-invent themselves, leaving behind all the negative influences and behaviors that caused so many issues at their previous school. Kid problem boarding school is a safe environment, away from the peer group that encouraged your child’s bad behavior, where a good education can be combined with a counseling and therapy program, ensuring an improved relationship between your child, your family and society in general.

However, there are some downsides to speciality boarding schools that should make parents think twice about sending away their troubled teen. One problem with the kid boarding school is the possibility of homesickness or the sense of isolation a child may experience, particularly when they feel they have been ‘sent away’ from home. They may only contact their parents when they are feeling miserable, angry or resentful, leaving the parents with a sense of guilt and worsening the parent child relationship. Parents will miss out on the opportunity to talk to their child each day, to discuss their issues and offer their support and guidance. They will need to rely on the school to teach the child values which may well differ from their own.

There are other alternatives to a kid problem boarding school that a parent might consider, including family and child counseling, daily youth programs or local youth support centers. Parenting is not supposed to be easy and there will always be troublesome times in a child’s adolescence, but often local support can provide a solution. If, as a last resort, a kid problem boarding school is the only option, parents should ensure that it is the right school to cater for their child’s needs. A child who is unable to interact socially, or who has no understanding of keeping to rules, will not succeed in a traditional boarding school and a special school will need to be found that will address these issues. Similarly a child with a disorder such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) will require a school where the teachers are trained to deal with this particular condition.


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