Boarding School Education Curriculum: Useful Information

While the programs involved in boarding school education for teens with behavioral problems have been designed to help your teen deal with his or her emotional issues, and include all manners of proven therapeutic techniques, it is important for parents to understand that boarding schools are just that – schools. The academic program at a boarding school is just as important as behavior improvement. In fact, at most boarding schools your child will be receiving world class private school education, as well as help with their behavioral problems.

The Education at a boarding School will follow the typical age appropriate boarding school education curriculum of any private or public academy. There will be the usual classes in Art, Math, English, Social Studies, Languages, and SAT preparation where appropriate, and yes there are tests, and homework. The difference is the boarding school education curriculum will also stress teaching to the individual student, to help your child succeed not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. Also, parental involvement is essential as part of the boarding school education curriculum. Parents are kept abreast of their child’s progress and academic accomplishments on a routine basis through regular progress reports, and encouraged to provide motivation, praise and support to their children. One of the greatest things about this aspect of boarding school education is that you can truly see them getting smarter as they dedicate themselves even more.

Typically the boarding school education experience is far more targeted and individual in approach. Students are constantly monitored and evaluated for individual strengths and weakness, and then their education is tailored to their specific needs. While they are still in full control of their success or failure, the encouragement of the team behind their teaching, who are all trained professionals, will give them the extra push needed to create a well rounded, and witty student.

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