How to cope with behavior problems in teens?

Frustated-Mother-of-Disrespectful-TeenAre you frustrated because of disrespectful teenage child?

Worry no more!

The teenagers experience changes in their body and they are likely to become rebellious and short tempered in nature. The parents should not be harsh with their teenage children. Most of the teenagers develop behavior problems like stubbornness, refusing to follow the rules, becoming short tempered, lying, blaming other and many more.

As a parent, you should not forget that as the child reaches adolescence, there can be several behavior problems and issues with the child. The parents should be patient rather than feeling hurt. It should be understood that the teenager is confused with the existing environment. The teenagers start thinking about new things they never thought of before in their lives.

The teenage children are likely to behave in a rude and impulsive manner. It can be dangerous if the parents punish the child or reciprocate in those times. Most of the parents wonder about what is wrong with their child.

Recently, I was shocked to see my friend’s daughter Maria who is 15-year-old yelling at Jim, her father in a party. It was embarrassing for Jim to feel humiliated in front of everyone. Just because he asked his daughter to have the dinner, he had to face the problem of insult by his teenage daughter. Jim’s daughter wanted to dance in the party and Jim wished that she should reach home early, as she had to attend the school the next day.

I went to meet Jim the next day and talked about his daughter Maria. We discussed a lot and I found out that there was nothing wrong but Maria’s teenage which was causing behavior problems. It was obvious that Maria considered her parents as her enemies when they wanted her to live a normal life like every school going child does. Her parents should not forget that she was in her teenage where it is not unusual for some children to develop the feeling of hatred against their family members.

Many parents have complaints that their teenage child stays out till late nights. They ignore the curfew, home rules and it’s okay for them to   break the rules. Not only that, sometimes, they just enjoy breaking rules. It is not necessary that all the teenagers do it intentionally; sometimes it is an unintentional behavior. Knowingly or unknowingly, behavior problems in teens become a major trouble for most of the teenage children and parents.

Parents search for solutions to get rid of the conflicts. Being a friend to your child can help in most of the cases. Spend some time with your kid and talk about their personal lives. You can discuss about your expectations and set rules for your children. Do not try to impose anything on them. Ask them for their opinions and views. Explain them the importance of being well disciplined.

Setting clear-cut rules and consequences can help you and your teenage child. You can write the rules on a piece of paper and place it at a place where you and your child can see it frequently. Whenever the kid breaks the rules, show them the list and make them explicitly aware of the consequences.

If they obey the rules, they get rewards and gifts. But if they break rules, they get punishment.

When they get reward out of performing an action (e.g. obey the rules), they will tend to do more of those actions. This is normal human behavior, isn’t it?

Leveraging “Effective Consequences” to deal with teen behavioral problems is one of the most powerful ways to transform your disrespectful teen into a family-loving, civilized person that every society would like to welcome.

Tell us about your ways to cope with teen behavior problems.

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