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The best of all behavior modification resource can be found at your local library. Over the last 25 years the study of child behavior modification has been a hot topic sought after by millions of exhausted parents all over the world. Raising children can prove to be terribly frustrating, but using some of the available behavior modification resources can make your decisions as a parent come naturally elevating some of the disasters. By getting a book with a proper plan for changing your child’s behavior using behavior modification you are setting the stage for fewer errors and a higher chance of success.

Take a trip to your local library and see if they have any of these titles available.

“The Behavior Survival Guide for Kids: How to Make Good Choices and Stay Out of Trouble” By Thomas McIntyre

Average Price: $14.95 Available on for $10.17

“Your Defiant Child: Eight Steps to Better Behavior” By Russell A. Barkley

Average Price: $16.95 Available on for $11.35

“Child And Adolescent Behavioral Problems: A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Assessment and Intervention” By Carole Sutton

Average Price: $41.95 Available on for $41.95

“Parent in Control: Restore Order in Your Home and Create a Loving Relationship with Your Adolescent” By Gregory Bodenhamer

Average Price: $11.00 Available on for $8.80

This is only three of the most popular behavior modification resource books on the market today. You can find literally hundreds at Amazon which will also allow you to read reviews from other parents who tried the same book. You can also find most of these at a local library or bookstore. Finding the best book is only the first step to helping you get your child under control but having such a book on hand will help you find your ground as the parent.

An excellent online behavior modification resource is – search for behavior modification.

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