Behavior Modification Information That Every Parent Should Know

Many young parents today don’t realize that there are better methods for disciplining a child than spanking. The following will provide you with alternate behavior modification information.

First of all, as a parent you need to be aware that children exhibit different types of behavior at different age levels. Some of it is appropriate and some of it is not. You need to understand this in order to assess whether or not your child is misbehaving or is acting in accordance with his/her age.

So what do you do when your child is misbehaving? You have three options. First, if you determine that the behavior is in line with their age level, then you just ignore it. Second, if you decide that the behavior is inappropriate you can either ignore it or punish it. Lastly, you can introduce a different behavior to your child and reinforce it. Let’s look at these last two forms of behavior modification information more closely.

If you want to stop misbehavior you can just ignore it; however, most experts agree that the “time-out” method is best. This works by establishing a time-out area in which you send your child for a period of time when they misbehave. Make sure it is an area free from distractions and isolated. The idea is to make it a very boring experience for the child.

The third option, encouraging a new behavior, is done by creating a reward system. You have to explain to your child the way you want them to behave, i.e. you want them to go to bed at nine o’clock or brush their teeth after every meal. When they perform the behavior you request of them, you then reward them, either with their favorite snack or free time to pursue a hobby they enjoy, like watching television or playing videogames.

Behavior modification information is important to know as a parent. It will help you raise a well-mannered child, and even better, decrease the stress levels that come with raising an unruly one.


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