Behavior Modification Education in Schools Could Help Stop Bullying

No parent wants to find out that their child is being bullied or that their child is the one doing the bullying. As a parent, you have a responsibility to make sure that your child behaves in a socially acceptable way when he/she is at school. Behavior modification education begins with you. You can express disappointment to your child over his/her behavior. You can ask them questions to find out why they are bullying. You may even consider speaking with the child’s school counselor about the matter to see what options might be available to correct the problem.

In contrast, if you’re a parent of a child who is being bullied, you are not the problem. The problem lies with the bully, as well as the school. As a tax payer, it is only reasonable to expect the school in which you send your child to watch after his/her safety while he/she is in their care for the day.

If you learn that your child is being bullied at school you want to make sure and get officials involved right away and make sure the parents of the bully are contacted. This may or may not help. Unfortunately, it all depends on the school your child is attending. Because this can be the case, you may have to provide behavior modification education to your child. Some behaviors they can use are to make more friends and get more involved in school activities that will keep him/her away from the bully, staying close to friends and not walking alone while on campus, and killing the bully with kindness.

You should never advocate violence with your child in dealing with a bully; however, don’t rule it out. Just make sure that your child uses it as a last resort for a situation where they are cornered and can’t run.

Behavior modification education is important to both bullies and the bullied. While the parents should make every effort to quell any conflicts between the kids, it should be made clear that the school is ultimately responsible for the safety and behavior of students during the school day. Parents cannot be around to supervise their children all day long.


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