Behavior Management Resource – Everything You Need to Know

The following is a behavior management resource tool for parents. Many of the following suggestions are designed to help those parents raising a child with ADD; however, all parents will find that these tips work for any child.


This is actually an easy step for all parents, but most parents don’t realize that loving their child is more than a hug and telling them so. Parents should also make sure to praise their child and reward them whenever they do something pleasing. Your attitude towards your child should always be positive, even when they’ve misbehaved. You should never put your child down no matter what the circumstances.


Any behavior management resource will tell you the best way to begin instilling discipline in any child is to give him/her chores. Make sure you give the child clear guidelines for how the chores are supposed to be done and how often. Make sure and establish a punishment for forgetting to do the chores; however, be reasonable. Remember, all kids are prone to absent mindedness, so it may take some time for the chores to become a habit for the child. This will in turn help your child become organized, which will be helpful for when they are in school. It will also help improve their attention span.


Consistency is an important management resource when dealing with ADD children, or any children for that matter. When you give your child directions and you find that you have to repeat them, make sure and repeat them exactly the way you said them initially. Then make the child repeat them back to you. When you’ve stated to the child that he/she will be rewarded or punished for a certain act, make sure and do it. Children thrive on routine because humans are just naturally creatures of comfort.

For more in depth information or to clear up any further questions you may have, you can visit a behavior management resource at the link below, which you should find helpful.


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