Behavior Disorder Research, Chemical Reaction vs. Irresponsibility

Through years of behavior disorder research we have found that it affects many more people than thought in the past. In fact, chances are everyone has their own form of a behavior disorder, however only a few struggle with the issues involved. This information has started a longtime battle between two different opinions on the legitimacy of behavior disorder diagnoses.

Argument 1: It is a chemical reaction.

Most doctors insist that you can indeed have a condition which alters your ability to control certain behaviors. The doctors in this category represent their case by putting forth information collected when performing behavior disorder research. Study after study has suggested it could be a chemical reaction in the brain that triggers these uncontrollable urges to act out. Using these findings most physicians claim to have ideas on helping manage these disorders. Although they agree that we are only in the beginning stages of developing rock-solid data, they stand firm in their belief that some need help conquering the demons they are facing. They even go as far to claim that without help these struggling victims could turn to irrational actions such as drug use, alcoholism, cutting, and most devastatingly suicide.

Argument 2: It’s simply irresponsibility.

On the flip side you have the opinion of another credible group that has conducted private behavior disorder research with the conclusion that these “chemical reactions” can not be submitted as solid evidence. While technologies are advanced and becoming more reliable as time goes on we still know very little about the complex functions of the human brain. In their argument they strongly suggest that society has made these “behavior disorders” up to explain away unruly conduct. Not only do they disagree with behavior disorder research finding you can behave badly due to chemical reactions, these doctors argue that by permitting one to pass-up blame you are only discouraging personal accountability for wrongful actions.

This argument will more than likely last until the end of time with both sides displaying good points, but neither having the technologies to rule out the others opinion. What it comes down to is your own desire to conquer your own disabilities. We all face things in life that seem to hold us down, but what will determine your true disorder is whether you move forward or give into life’s trying tests.

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