Behavior Disorder Education Overview

Behavior disorders in young people are a very frequent occurrence in our society; however, it is adult disorders that often get the bulk of attention. Parents of children with behavioral disorders can generally be counted on to educate themselves about their child’s disorder, but behavior disorder education is something anyone who is planning on being a parent should at least have a general knowledge about.

So to provide you with a solid base of knowledge in regards to behavior disorder education, here is a list of the four most common disorders:

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme mood swings that range from extreme excitedness to extreme depression in affected children. If the disorder is left untreated it can affect the child long into adulthood.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

This behavior disorder is characterized by a child’s inability to pay attention. Children also act impulsive and can be easily distracted from tasks. For example, they have trouble sitting still for long periods, taking turns and being quiet.

Learning Disorders

Children who have trouble understanding and processing information usually suffer from a learning disorder. Disorders are generally diagnosed once a child is in school. Their inability to grasp language is usually an obvious sign.

Conduct Disorder

A child with conduct disorder is quick to impulsively act out his/her feelings in destructive ways without regard for others or the rules of society. Some of their offenses may include theft, truancy and vandalism. If left untreated this disorder could lead to much bigger offenses when the child reaches adulthood.

Hopefully this brief introduction was enough to speed you down the path of behavior disorder education. One in five children in the United States is born with some type of disorder. It could easily be your child so make sure and stay informed. For more information you can visit the following link:


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