Basic Children Rules

For those living in a family home, establishing basic children rules  can be highly beneficial for your children and can help them in learning good manners. In every household, concerned parents can make a list of different rules that they would want their child to follow, and this will help them and the child in knowing a basic list of things that can help in establishing the kid’s personality. After you have created the list, you can easily stick it in the child’s room or in any common area of your house which is frequently visited by the kids, so that they will be reminded of their actions and duties. Secondly, you can also make different rules for different places in the house if you want, such as the etiquettes of the drawing room, rules to be followed in the bedroom, etc.

Firstly, a lot of children tend to slam doors while rushing by, and you should include this as a rule that doors should never be slammed. Shouting in the house should also be prohibited, as it helps in curbing manners while talking. Some common children rules are listed in the following lines:

          Never call people from one room to the other. Go straight to their rooms if you wish to speak to them.

          If you have servants in the house, learn to be kind and polite towards them.

          Learn to own up for your mistakes, rather than hide from it.

          At every meal hour, be very prompt. Organization is extremely important, and this helps in promoting punctuality in the kids too.

          Your mother should become the closest person to you.

          Clean your shoes on the mats before you enter the house.

          When prohibited from doing something, avoid doing it at all costs.

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