Common Problems in teenage and their solutions


Are you worried about your teenage child? Are you curious to know what problems they must be facing? Remember your teenage years. Do you remember those carefree days? The days where you had no responsibility and obligation. There can be several problems the teenagers face in their daily life. Developments in the body and hormonal […]

How to deal with behavior issues in teenage children?


Parents find it challenging to cope up with the behavior issues in teenage children. This is a common problem for all the parents. Many children form the habit of lying or get indulged in drugs or alcohol at an early age. They do not listen to the parents and parents feel hurt. The sentiments of […]

I have several issues with my teenage daughter. What should I do?


My 16 years old daughter starting avoiding going to the school when she started getting acne on her face. Every now and then, she gave excuses to avoid going to the school. As it happened very frequently, I had to take her to a counselor and then I discovered that she was worried about her […]

How can I help my teenage child who suffers from bipolar disorders?


Thousands of young children suffer from bipolar disorders which is also known as maniac depression. There can be several symptoms and they vary from child to child. Bipolar disorders causes mood swings in children. If your child is irritable or extremely happy almost every day, there can be a possibility of maniac depression. It can […]

Smoking kills? Read the Side Effects of Smoking & Decide on your own

Side Effects of Smoking

Children, especially teens are at a high risk because of smoking. Young children and teenagers start smoking at a very early age and it causes many health problems. There are several side effects of smoking. Don’t be surprised if you see people smoking even at hospitals. Even when people know the bad effects of smoking, […]

Does your teenage child say, “You never understand me”?


You are not the only parent with this problem. This a common problem these days. The conflicts between parents and teenage children are obvious. Parents need to understand their teenage children. They need to understand that their kids are becoming adults and the drastic changes takes place in the child’s body and health. The teenage […]

Quick and Effective Tips for Parenting Teenagers


Raising the teenage children can be a big problem for the parents. Here are some tips for parenting teenagers which can help the parents and the children: The teenagers do not like to be bombarded with the advice. Have you noticed how your teenage child reacts when you advice them? Adolescence is a confusing phase […]

How to manage explosive teen behavior?


If your teenage child is becoming rebellious day by day, you need to understand teen behavior and nature of your child. If your teenage child gets angry every now and then and you want a solution to control his anger, then you should use some tricks and tactics to deal with your child’s anger. You […]