Teens and Money Management: Tips for teaching money management to teenagers


Whether you give small allowances to your child or give credit cards and bank accounts to teens, they should learn money management. Especially Teens and money management by them should be of great concern to parents. Teaching money management to teenagers in particular is very important. If you have a preschool kid, then you don’t […]

Is it possible for the child to reunite with the estranged father?


Adam, a 40 years old professional, had been divorced with his wife since the last ten years. Adam and his wife had two teenage kids; the daughter’s name was Lucy and the son was Larry. Both the kids stayed with their mother as she had got the custody of Lucy and Larry. As the father […]

How to cope with behavior problems in teens?


Are you frustrated because of disrespectful teenage child? Worry no more! The teenagers experience changes in their body and they are likely to become rebellious and short tempered in nature. The parents should not be harsh with their teenage children. Most of the teenagers develop behavior problems like stubbornness, refusing to follow the rules, becoming […]

Boosting self esteem in teenagers


Raising up teens becomes a very difficult job. There are no. of issues and challenges that guardians have to face while parenting teenagers. Out of these, one important teen issue to be worked upon, is the self esteem in teenagers for which there are no. of  factors that are responsible. A few primary teenage self […]

How can I do good parenting from a distance?


John’s teenage daughter gets ready for the prom. She wears a beautiful evening gown and looks very charming as ever. She clicks her snap and sends it to her dad from her mobile phone who stays in a different country due to his work. John calls her daughter and says, “You look just like your […]

Facebook Teenagers Unliking the Social Platform. Find out why?


Facebook has more than 1 billion users across the globe. In order to make money, Facebook is targeting users of the age between 18 and 49 years. May be because this age group is comprised of cream clients for the social networking site and hence, the advertisers leverage this facebook impact on teenagers and other […]

How can a divorce affect my teenage child? How can I help to cope?

How can a divorce affect my teenage child? How can I help to cope?

Teen and Divorce – So you too are concerned about a prime source of your children’s unhappiness? Studies show that if the parents are unhappy, the children get unhappy too. Parental divorce can be painful for the parents as well as teenage children. Divorce can have a drastic change in a child’s life. Absence of […]

Quick Tips on teenage child behavior disorders for parents’ help


It is normal for kids to misbehave; but child behavior disorders cannot be overlooked. Child behavior disorders can go beyond mischiefs and rebellion. If your child is oppositional or angry often, there are chances that he / she suffers from child behavior disorder. The young children can have mental, emotional or behavior disorders. One of […]