Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) General Information for Parents

Since the inception of psychology as a veritable science, psychiatrists have looked to the human brain as a complex organ capable of analyzing and processing a limitless amount of information; in their studies of the human mind, psychiatrists have also discovered that the brain is capable of vicious acts of betrayal in the form of psychological disorders. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a disorder which has the tendency to make sufferers feel that they are no longer in command of their conduct. Many sufferers know they have this disability, but they do not possess much useful ADD information.

The misconceptions and myths regarding this disability abound. There is also a plethora of outdated ADD information being circulated in the media and amongst the masses. It is important that sufferers of this disability, as well as the family members and friends who support them, learn current factual ADD information.

One of the oldest misunderstandings is that the disorder is caused by damage to the brain. Originally, scientists believed that minor brain injuries caused the impulsive behavior and hyperactivity that many sufferers display; however, over fifty years of research have shed more light on the biological aspect of the disorder. The most recent ADD information that scientists have gathered shows that the disorder is actual caused by an chemical imbalance in the brain.

A second important piece of ADD information is that sufferers are not always in control of their behavior. Sufferers do not choose to have this disorder; they inherited it genetically. This crucial piece of ADD information is the reason that many national institutions have declared that sufferers are technically disabled. It is believed that sufferers of this disability are no more in control of their own behavior than they are of their biology.

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