Assisting in Creating Meaningful Change: Red River Academy

Red River Academy was born out of the founder’s desire to create an outlet, where values and education can turn lives around. Bearing this principle in mind, Red River Academy follows a progressive, competency based curriculum. Why? Because in Red River Academy, they simply do not assume your teens have learned something. They make sure they do. And this is where their unique policy of progressive, competency based curriculum becomes particularly useful.

How does Red River Academy make this possible? Teachers closely work hand in hand with students. They make sure it is meaningful, not just some disposable incident. Even the school support staff assist in the character development program. They will coach your child regarding school standards, responsibilities, and positive citizenship.

The respected academy is located in near a red river that runs through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. The environment is rural and serene. Can call it ideal for learning. But more than that, if you share the same ideals and philosophies in education as they do, then this might just be the perfect place for you to enroll your teen in.

Click here for their blog and here for the official website.

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