All you need to know about Self Harming Behaviors in Teenagers

What is meant by self harming behaviors?
The tendency to harm one’s own body deliberately is known as self harming behavior. People dealing with emotional pain or unhappy with the circumstances are likely to self-harm themselves. It is considered to be a common problem among teenagers.
There can be several self harming teen behaviors like:

  • Cutting the skin
  • Banging the head against a wall
  • Excessive scratching on the body parts
  • Overdosing of the drugs

Who can be the prey of self harming behaviors?
Children over the age of 11 and teenagers can become victims of self harming behaviors. Adolescents have great difficulties to get acquainted with the changes taking place in their bodies. The physical discomfort, emotional stress and pressures of life can make the teenagers suffer from self harming behaviors.

The teenagers feel disturbed mentally and physically and they think of solutions which can help them release the tension and feel relaxed. They tend to show anger, treat parents as inhuman, hate family members or hurt their elders.

What should parents do?
The parents need to understand the crazy changes going on in a teenager’s body. As they try to adapt to the varied changes, they may hurt the sentiments and emotions of the parents knowingly or unknowingly. Communication can help the parents to bridge the gap between them and their teenage child. The parents need to keep a watch about what’s going on in their child’s life. They should be patient and listen to the child.

If the self harming behavior of the kid is found out, it should not be overlooked. Many parents panic when they feel that the life of their teenage child is disturbed. Instead of brooding over it, parents should think about the solution. Professional help may be taken. The parents should support the kids and work out why self harming behavior is developed in the child. If the causes are known, their occurrence should be avoided.

Another manner of treating the child could be showing belief in the trust. Understand the problems which are faced by the child. Find some constructive ways to help the child deal with the problem. The kids should feel that you trust him and are always there for him. No matter how complex the child’s problem may be, the parents would be able to find out a suitable solution. Try to change the mood of your child so that the negative thoughts can be avoided.

So, next time your child feels disheartened, hold his hand and say “Nothing lasts forever, good or bad.”

What should the teenage child do?
The kids should change their bad behavior and remember that self harming cannot solve any problems at all. Rather than escaping from the problem, the children should learn to face it. The kids should keep trying; they should never give up. When they get self harming thoughts and feelings, they should think about the people who love them and care for them. The teenage children should be friendly with their parents and share the difficulties and problems with them.

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