Advantages of Boarding School Help

While not necessary or even appropriate for all troubled teens, for some the benefits of boarding school help are many. Although the decision to place your teen in a boarding school is the first step to getting there life back on track, experts with the National Association of Therapeutic schools and Programs (NATSAP) insist what one gets out of boarding school help or residential therapy has a lot to do with what you the parent puts in.

It is natural to be feeling guilty about having to “send your child away” to a boarding school program, but the sooner you put those feelings behind you and participate in the counseling program 100%, the better it will be for you and ultimately your child. Lead by example, if your child sees you actively involved in the boarding school it will be much easier for them to accept the need for the program putting them on the path to effective results in their behavior treatments. There are several ways that you can show your child that boarding school help is in fact beneficial.

  1. Support the staff in every way possible at the school. Your child probably became a master manipulator at home, which is likely part of the reason for enlistment of boarding school help in the first place – do not let him carry that through at the school.
  2. Do not interfere with the counseling or ask to make changes in the program based on your child’s complaints. You must support you child yes, but he must learn to take responsibility and be held accountable for his behaviors if he is to benefit from the counseling at a boarding school.
  3. Be patient and let the process work itself out. You must be willing to endure the roller-coaster ride that will last until real change takes place. Too often parents are so anxious to see results or just want to get there kids home that they pull them from boarding school help too soon being lured by the first signs of positive change.

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