Adolescent Problems, Common but Controllable

Premature sexuality is an adolescent problem which is overwhelming parents and teachers. Children are having sexual intercourse at much younger ages than previous generations. It is becoming the norm for young women and men to lose their virginity as young as twelve years old. These children are having adult experiences when they are too young to fully grasp the repercussions of their actions.

Because children are having sex at younger ages their risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases undoubtedly begins earlier. This adolescent problem can potentially have a devastating result. Historically, children of young mothers have displayed a high probability of having children at a young age themselves. If not addressed, this adolescent problem will become a vicious cycle. This is especially true in families with lower social economic status.

Related to this adolescent problem is the issue of homosexuality. Children are experimenting with both heterosexuality and homosexuality at young ages. To prevent a stigma being attached to those who are homosexual, it is important that parents and schools address this issue; it is vital that children not be ostracized due to their sexual orientation. If this adolescent problem is addressed earlier in their development, perhaps young people will find it easier to coexist with their peers who do not share their sexual preferences.

Children today are dealing with adolescent problems which they are ill-equipped for. Oddly enough, some parents and teachers choose to avoid these topics. Treating this adolescent problem as if they does not exist led to the alienation of many homosexual teens, high rates of pregnancy, and an increase in sexually transmitted diseases in the past. Teachers and parents need to prepare themselves for this adolescent problem in order to equip generation Y with the necessary tools to avoid the pratfalls incurred during generation X’s teenage period.

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