Adolescent Emotional Issues: Knowing Helps to Address the Problem

Sexuality is an adolescent emotional issue that is of growing concern for parents. Children are experimenting and having sexual intercourse at much younger ages than their predecessors. It has become a norm for young boys and girls to lose their virginity before fifteen years old. This adolescent emotional issue needs to be addressed because young people are having adult experiences before they are mentally prepared for them.

Many young people fall under the influence of their hormones. They feel overwhelmed with the excitement of their first loves and the idea that they are behaving in an adult manner intrigues them. Most young people are not fully capable of comprehending all of the possible consequences of this adolescent emotional issue. Due to their hormones, they are not thinking their actions through.

Another factor of this adolescent emotional issue is the possible repercussion this behavior can yield. Since they are experimenting in sexual intercourse they are at risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. They are so wrapped up in their feelings for their romantic partners that they do not consider how this very act could effect them for the duration of their lives.

Sexual intercourse is entangled with other common adolescent emotional issues such as acceptance, body image, and peer pressure. The former problems are often magnified when sexual intercourse enters into the picture. Therefore, it is of vital importance that these issues be addressed by knowledgeable authority figures.

Many high schools across the country have implemented health classes into their curriculum to tackle these adolescent emotional issues. It is beneficial to their well-being that young people learn about the consequences of being led by their hormones. Knowledge of this adolescent emotional issue leads to responsible and informed decision making.

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