Adolescent Alcohol Abuse in United States of America (USA)

The total incidence for adolescent alcohol abuse is decreasing in The United States. However, the prevalence for adolescent alcohol abuse and binge drinking is remaining constant. On average, children as young as twelve have experience with drinking. Adolescent alcohol abuse is of growing concern because chronic drinking can have devastating effects. Chronic adolescent alcohol abuse is associated with liver cirrhosis, Korsakoff Syndrome and possibly bladder cancer. It stands to reason that the younger a person is when they begin drinking alcohol, the greater their susceptibility to these unfortunate consequences.

One atmosphere which encourages large amounts of adolescent alcohol abuse in colleges. College undergraduates have the highest incidence of alcohol abuse and binge drinking. Adolescent alcohol abuse in college setting is responsible for failing grades, violent crimes, aggression, alcohol poisoning, and date rape. Students to fail exams and miss classes because of weekend binge drinking followed by next day hangovers. Although other drugs are used, alcohol is usually the contributing factor in many of the date rapes that happen on college campuses. Young men tend to become more aggressive and behave uncharacteristically. Young women tend lower their inhibitions and act promiscuously. These behavioral changes combined with alcohol and peer pressure can lead to regrettable circumstances.

Adolescent alcohol abuse both on college campuses and prior to college is a problem. However, research on the matter shows interesting results. Research shows that commencing alcohol at a young age is, in fact, an indication of future abuse. However, adolescent alcohol abuse in college is not an indication that one will abuse alcohol later in life. In fact, most alcoholics are not college graduates. Though this adolescent alcohol abuse may not lead to future alcoholism, the actions which this drug use might inspire during a person’s teenage years will. For this reason, it is vital to educate teenagers about adolescent alcohol abuse.

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