ADHD Troubled Teens

Parents have many responsibilities toward their offspring; one of the main duties of parenthood is that contribute to society by raising productive and respectful citizens. However, this responsibility is often complicated if the parent is raising a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The difficulties of rearing an ADHD troubled teen are manifold, but they are not insurmountable. An understanding the particular symptoms your ADHD troubled teen suffers from coupled with knowledge regarding methods of treatment will prove to be invaluable tools.

Many ADHD troubled teens lack the ability to constantly control their conduct. Most would appreciate the ability to act in a more responsible manner, but their disability impedes this preference; the unfortunate result is teachers, parents, and friends will misinterpret this uncontrolled behavior as deliberate. This disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain; therefore, the ADHD troubled teen is incapable of managing their symptoms. They are no more in control of their disorder than they are of any other facts of their genetic makeup.

Often, this disorder can lead a youth to believe that they are somehow at fault for their behavior; this can lead to issues of self-esteem. It is important that the ADHD troubled teen and those around him understand that this disorder is not due to a flaw in character, but genetics. It is imperative that the ADHD troubled teen understand that he is in no way a defective human being.

While the ADHD troubled teen cannot control their behavior through sheer will, there are treatment options available which can help. Many ADHD troubled teens are aided by stimulant medications, therapy, or support groups to lessen the severity of their symptoms. These methods can be utilized singularly or in conjunction with another treatment option.

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