ADHD Solutions for 3 Most Common Symptoms

Many who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are stigmatized as being intentionally rude, impulsive, or disruptive. It is astounding that so many people have a negative view of sufferers considering this disorder is gaining quite a foothold in America. Recent estimates are that roughly 5% of the United States’ population is afflicted with this disorder. To properly combat this negative view, as well as combat the disease itself, sufferers need to be armed with the facts about their disorder and on ADHD solutions.

Most sufferers seek ADHD solutions for three common symptoms. One such symptom is distraction. A frequently cited example of this characteristic is children’s behavior in school. A child with this disability might attempt to listen to a lecture, but their attention is somehow diverted.

The second feature requiring an ADHD solution is impulsive behavior. Sufferers often display a penchant for activities which bring them instant gratification. This could include the tendency to seek out dangerous thrill seeking adventures or, most notably, a tendency to experiment in alcohol or drugs.

The final symptom requiring an ADHD solution is hyperactivity. Someone with this disorder will display physical restlessness. Common examples are seen in classroom behavior. A child might tap their fingers, fidget in their seats, or run and jump excessively. Further examples are seen in social situations. Many sufferers have the tendency to ramble.

There are two main ADHD solutions for these issues. The first and most popular is stimulant medication. These drugs regulate the abnormal brain chemistry found in sufferers, thus alleviating their symptoms. The second common ADHD solution is therapy; here suffers will discuss their personal challenges and, with the help of their therapist, develop ways to manage symptoms.

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