A Special Bipolar Counselor Parents May Know

There are almost an unlimited number of alternatives when you are seeking professional assistance for psychological disorders. Bipolar counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and specialists…the list could continue and continue. One specific alternative that is continually growing in popularity with adults and children alike are specialists which deal with a disease that they are intimately familiar with because they, personally, suffer with the disease as well.

An area which seems to be having particular success in this approach is bipolar doctors and bipolar counselors who work with bipolar individuals. Bipolar disorder is a very distinctive disease. Unlike many other mental disorders, bipolar patients tend to exhibit behaviors and certain characteristics which are uniquely associated with the bipolar disorder. Due to this similarity in attitude and behavior, persons with this disorder tend to associate with one another well and are able to communicate openly concerning their disease and their feelings relating to their disease.

While it has not been clinically proven, it is reasonable to assume that a patient will likely identify with a bipolar counselor or bipolar doctor who is diagnosed with the same disorder as themselves. Many times patients, particularly ones with mental health issues, feel ashamed of their disease and are embarrassed to be open and honest with their counselor during therapy in fear of being judged or criticized. This problem seems to be eliminated when the patient is aware that the doctor themselves suffers with the same disease.

If you or your child suffers with bipolar disorder, a bipolar counselor might be a great alternative for you. Counseling or any type of psychological treatment should never be approached with a one-size fits all mentality. As with all treatment options, you should always weigh your own thoughts and feelings concerning this type of treatment approach and make a decision that you are most comfortable with.

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