A Free Booklet Explains How to Raise Self Esteem

Everybody thinks negatively about himself or herself from time to time as we all go through hundreds of accomplishments and failures on a regular basis. These failures can sometimes be thought of too personally resulting in true low self-esteem which can be the root cause of many psychological problems, especially in children. At the very least, low self-esteem will almost always coincide with other childhood emotional disorders since they are much to young to control the feelings involved with failing. A recent study conducted by the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, found that “Children who experience emotional distress from depression and anxiety are prone to viewing themselves and their world in a negative light — and this thinking leads them to underestimate their abilities”.

By obtaining a free self esteem booklet which can be found through various mental health sources on the internet you can learn many tips offered by child and adult behavior specialists. Some of the popular self esteem booklets are available through these websites.

National Mental Health Information Center

This self esteem booklet explains self esteem and gives practical ideas on how to teach your child to feel better about their decisions therefore themselves.


While this website is based in the UK the information in their self esteem booklet is valuable at a universal level. No matter what country you live in all children need the same love and care to ensure success in their future.

Super Nanny

You can witness her work on television which offers perfect proof that she knows what she is talking about. This self esteem booklet is not free, but said to be well worth every penny.

There are a few consistent ideas found in every self esteem booklet on building self-esteem for children:

  • Never do for children what they can do for themselves
  • Praise efforts too, not just accomplishments
  • Give a child choices so they learn to make decisions

For these and other great tips order yourself a self esteem booklet today.

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