6 Fun Activities Your Teen Will Love Doing With You

As a parent, you want time to bond with your children, no matter how old you are. Unfortunately, when your son or daughter reaches their teen years, finding time to bond becomes more difficult and choosing activities that your teen actually wants to do with you may be even more difficult. If you are tired of threatening punishments just to get your son or daughter to spend time with you, here are 6 fun activities that you can do together that your teen will not turn down.

Go to the Nail Salon
If you have a teenage daughter, the nail salon is the perfect place to bond together. You can get a manicure, she can get a pedicure, and you can catch up and find out how school is going all at the same time. Your daughter will not turn down the opportunity to be treated to a pampering.

Awaken Your Competitive Spirit
Your teen would love the opportunity to say they beat their mom or dad at a competitive game of horse or even at miniature golf. If you cannot get your teen to go to the zoo with you, you can challenge them to a friendly but serious game. The game will be fun and you might even win a bet to get your teen to go to the zoo with you next weekend.

Buy Sporting Event Tickets
If your teen is a sports fanatics, why not buy tickets to the game and have fun without sweating. You can root for your favorite team together, see your favorite players in person, and even get the opportunity to get your ticket autographed.

Buy a Jacuzzi Spa
If you are looking for something that will keep your teen out of their room at home, a jacuzzi spa is a wise idea. If you have a home spa, you can coax your teen out of their room and spend time relaxing and talking.

Go ATVing
Virtually all teens love the idea of being able to drive before they have their license. Take your teen ATVing on a beginner course and help them develop their skills behind the wheel before they are practicing on the public roads.

Full Makeovers
Teenage girls are always looking for ways to reinvent themselves. They try new hair styles, new makeup techniques, and new clothing styles. Plan a weekend for full makeovers, let your teen pick out clothing for you and make sure to keep an open mind so your daughter can see how fun you can really be.

There are plenty of things that you can do with your teen. As long as you take an interest in what your teen likes, it will be difficult for your little one to turn down your offer to spend time together.

About the Author:
Casey Haslem is a freelance writer and loves to spend time with her big family. She loves to cook and has a big sweet tooth. To keep her teens happy she got a hot tub from BullFrogSpas.com/build-your-spa

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