5 Steps for Teens to Fight Anger

We all feel anger, it’s just normal. Not feeling anger would mean that we are deprived of emotions, and that would not be much of a life. But anger is not good for us, it can be in some rare and weird situations, but they can account for 0.1% of all anger situations. That means that we have to deal with our anger and learn to control it, learn to fight our anger. The best way to manage your anger is to solve the problem that makes you feel angry, so here is a 5 step approach to fighting anger:

5 Steps for Teens to Fight AngerThe first step is to identify the problem, what got you angry! Think about a few things, not only what got you angry, but also why did that anger you? Try to think of every angle that influenced your angry state.

  • Now the next step is to take a deep breathe and think about how you can handle this situation, that will give you the time to cool down and you may come up with a peaceful solution to the problem, which is our goal.
  • Don’t just go for the first solution that comes to mind, think of a few possible solutions and consider how each of them can play out. Try to go with the best possible solution, note that after this much thinking you will calm down considerately.
  • Once you think it through its time to act on your decision. Do what you found was the best thing to do after thinking it through and after noticing that you are calm enough to act without anger.
  • The last part is to see where you stand. You may think this unnecessary but this is the most important step as this is the step where you analyze all of your actions and what happened after them, this will help you rethink everything and find an even better solution for any possible future situation that may cause you to feel anger.

If it went through like you hoped for great, if it didn’t go back through all your steps and try to figure out what went wrong. It sounds simple, but when you are angry it is hard to remain calm and do these five steps, so remember, take a deep breath and start slow. You will get nowhere if you rush things and get even angrier.

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