Tips to avoid being unhealthy

Obesity is a very very big problem, everyone know that already. Countless studies have been made to find reasons and cures but it still plagues the society today. Some of the most unfortunate victims of obesity are children, children who will have the physical and social burden of being “fat” throughout their lives. So for parents, making sure that this does not happen to their children should be one of the top priorities. Here are a few tips that can help parents.

  • Fast food restaurants are not a healthy choice for children who are overweight. Preparing meals at home gives parents the ability to monitor the fat contents of the ingredients that are being used.
  • Avoid serving children fried or breaded foods. Things like french fries, fish, chicken and hamburgers can be just as enjoyable if they are broiled, baked or steamed.
  • Don’t serve children large portion sizes. Try cutting the amount of food that you put on their plates.
  • Don’t make kids sit at the table until every morsel of food is gone. Trust them when they say that they are full.
  • Don’t just tell kids how to manage their weight, lead by example. Teach them the importance of eating right and exercising by modeling the desired behaviors. Children are more likely to follow an example versus being told.
  • Buying junk foods for the household will only act as a temptation and send the underlying message to children that it’s okay to consume unhealthy foods. Instead, provide kids with an assortment of nutritious foods to eat during snack and meal times.
  • Soft drinks and fruit juices contain empty calories. Encourage children to drink water with the majority of their meals and snacks.
  • Keep a copy of your child’s school menu. On days when lunch and snack menus are full of sugar, salt and fat – a heathier option would be to pack him a lunch.
  • Family involvement is a key factor in managing your child’s weight. This includes having all household members involved in healthy behaviors.
  • Don’t forbid the consumption of certain foods. It’s okay for them to periodically enjoy some of their favorite foods as long as it’s done in moderation.

We should also remember that being healthy entails more than just being physically fit, it also means that our minds, heart and soul should also be healthy.

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