3 Crucial Cautions for Parenting a Bipolar Teenager

Bipolar disorder can be devastating to anyone having to deal with the symptoms of unbelievable mood swings, outrageous behavior, and overall lack of empathy for those who care. The hardest to deal with is a bipolar teenager who is not only suffering from the symptoms of the disorder, but also has the typical feelings and problems of all teenagers. To help you gain a better understanding of your bipolar teenager, here are a few things that you can do:

  1. Stay informed on dealing with a bipolar teenager. Everyone who is affected with the behaviors of bipolar disorder must know the reasons behind the actions of the sufferer. Be sure to inform siblings by allowing them to participate in counseling so that they realize it is not personal, and their brother or sister can not control themselves.
  2. Always be persistent in treatment and supporting your bipolar teenager. It will be you who determines how the bipolar disorder progresses and affects your teenager’s life. Remember that you may be the only person they have because you know who they are behind the mask of bipolar. By providing them with the proper support you can show them that bipolar disorder does not have to control their life anymore than they allow it.
  3. Never give up on your bipolar teenager. It is a testing time and can become too much for even the most patient parents but it is crucial that you stand by their side until the very end. A bipolar teenager is at the highest risk of committing suicide and should be treated as if every minute counts towards their final decision. If they feel that you have given up on them, it will only make these urges seem more realistic.

Helping your bipolar teenager make life everything that it can be and the bottom line is you just have to be there. Through ups and downs, bipolar disorder will play with their minds, causing them to leave reality and venture into a world of unknowns that can prove scary for both them and you. Just remember, in their hearts they know you love them and will always depend on you to catch them as their falling. By always being there, you will make sure that they never come in contact with rock bottom, which has proven to be deadly for a bipolar teenager.

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