How can I do good parenting from a distance?


John’s teenage daughter gets ready for the prom. She wears a beautiful evening gown and looks very charming as ever. She clicks her snap and sends it to her dad from her mobile phone who stays in a different country due to his work. John calls her daughter and says, “You look just like your […]

Lord I Wish My Teenager Would Talk With Me


If you have a problem communicating with your teenage child, this is the right book for you. Larry Keefauver address the mistakes the parents make while communicating with their teenage child. This book can help you avoid communication problems and improve your relationship with your child. Once you read the book, you would get an idea […]

Aggressive Teenagers and Causes of Teenage Aggression


Are you worried about your teen’s aggression? Are you concerned that your teen is going to seriously hurt someone, someday? Dealing with an aggressive teen behavior is not easy and it can be hard to trace back the original causes of aggressive behavior in teens. Many parents find themselves asking what causes teen aggression while […]

Five Common Parenting Mistakes while Parenting Teenagers


Parenting teenagers isn’t easy – chances are you’ve made a few mistakes along the way. Are you wondering if there’s any easier way to parent? Are you wondering what common parenting mistakes are so you can avoid them? Your child simply isn’t a child anymore – they’re somewhere between a child and an adult. As […]

Teen Therapy and Need for it


Are you trying to decide whether your teen needs teen therapy? Are you unsure of what support is available to your teen? Parenting teenagers is not easy and many parents dismiss the idea of teen therapy because they simply think that their teen will get past their issues. While that is true for a good […]

Facebook Teenagers Unliking the Social Platform. Find out why?


Facebook has more than 1 billion users across the globe. In order to make money, Facebook is targeting users of the age between 18 and 49 years. May be because this age group is comprised of cream clients for the social networking site and hence, the advertisers leverage this facebook impact on teenagers and other […]

Parenting Technology Addicted Teenagers with Healthy Technology Habits


Are you worried about your teen’s use of technology? Are you concerned that they might be addicted to Facebook, their cellphones or the Internet? Many parents do not know how to deal with teenagers technology addictions, that’s why it’s really important that you focus on parenting technology and setting up boundaries. There is no set […]

PCP Drug Abuse in Teens


Are you worried your teen might be experimenting with drugs? Do you want to know more about PCP drug so you can help educate your teen? PCP is short for Phencyclidine, which is often referred to as angel dust, KJ (Kristal Joint) or wet. Often referred to as the world’s most dangerous drug, PCP is […]